Bach Cello Suites: The Carter Brey Project

Carter Brey, the Principal cellist of the New York Philharmonic, will be performing the Bach solo cello suites at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 3 W 65th St, New York, on March 27th and April 1st. He’ll be playing on two of Jim McKeans’ cellos — for the first five Suites, a classical four-string cello, set up in Baroque configuration. For the 6th, though, he’ll be playing on a five-string cello that Jim  made for him so that he could perform it as originally written.

We encourage you to go to Jim McKeans website (link below) for a in depth narrative of the project. Including two video interviews with Carter.  He walks us through the history of the score of the Suites, and the evolution of his concept from the traditional Romantic performance to one that incorporates historically informed performance practices

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